Strut your Style

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Be Embraced

Be Beautiful Go ahead, breathe. Close your eyes, relax and let Flaunt welcome you with open arms. Flaunt was created for women and men alike, calling them into its embrace of comfort and trusted serenity. Inspired by Founder Janna Polk’s journey to mastering the craft, Flaunt exudes the highest quality professional hair care available in Round Rock, TX.

Flaunt is a retreat for the senses
with beauty its beating heart, renewing its guests making them resplendent again with each life-affirming pulse.

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Men’s and Women’s Services Available

The sophisticated woman. The cultured man. Young, Wise, Simple, Astute. All are called to the stage that is Flaunt, where the red carpet awaits with fresh interest and a spotlight on the celebrated. Raising the curtain on the superstar that is you. Flash. Applause. Strut.
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